Subaru to enter EV market with Solterra SUV

The new Subaru Solterra will be launched into the European, US, Canadian and Japanese markets in 2022 and will be powered by a jointly developed EV platform with fellow Japanese carmaker, Toyota.

This follows on from Toyota’s statement back in April that its new electric vehicle strategy would result in the release of 70 new models by 2025, including hydrogen fuel cell, battery-electric and gas-electric hybrids, to offer diversity to its customers.

Toyota, which is the largest automaker in the world, will also build its vehicles using the flexible platform that it developed in partnership with Subaru. This shared platform, which Toyota calls the e-TNGA and Subaru calls e-Subaru, will allow both parties to benefit from Subaru’s experience of all-wheel drive systems and Toyota’s hybrid battery technology experience.

Although only teasers are available at present, and Subaru have yet to release any images other than some outdoorsy looking silhouettes, the official release on the car manufacturers website says: “The next generation of Subaru SUV capability has a name: Solterra. The 2023 Subaru Solterra, which was named by combining the Latin words for Sun and Earth, is built on the e-Subaru Global Platform, a new all-electric vehicle architecture.

“The Solterra EV brings the Subaru brand’s trusted reliability, state-of-the-art safety technology, and legendary all-wheel-drive engineering to an environmentally responsible all-electric SUV. The Subaru Solterra electric SUV – the natural evolution of Subaru all-weather, all-road performance – is scheduled to go on sale in 2022.”

Image: Subaru press image

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