IOOA proposes low-carbon energy hubs as part of Climate Action Plan

The Irish Offshore Operators’ Association (IOOA) has submitted proposals for a net-zero carbon emissions hub and a critical infrastructure project in Cork & Co. Mayo as part of the Government’s consultation process on the Climate Action Plan 2021.

The IOOA has stated that the two proposals it outlines in the submission will play a major role in lowering emissions and decarbonising the State, while ensuring energy security.

Outlining the use of carbon capture, utilisation and sequestration (CCUS) technology, including offshore wind energy and hydrogen production, its proposed Cork Net-Zero Emissions Hub will reduce the region’s economy to a level of net-zero emissions, with net-zero being achieved by capturing the CO2 emissions from oil and gas usage in the Cork region and safely storing them in the reservoir rocks of the nearby depleted offshore Kinsale Head Gas Field which is currently undergoing decommission.

Citing UK initiatives, such as the Net Zero Teesside and Zero Carbon Humber projects, the IOOA said the Celtic Sea region off Cork has the potential for the development of offshore wind generation with the development of hydrogen industry – using natural gas – also on the cards with CO2 captured and stored in the offshore reservoirs.

The IOOA stated it could make contributions to Ireland’s and Cork’s continuing requirements for petroleum during the transition towards low and zero carbon emissions, by using the infrastructure at the Kinsale Gas Field combined with the Barryroe Oil and Gas Field, with the CCUS approach offering great potential for safely storing captured CO2 emissions – helping to reduce emissions in sectors where decarbonisation is difficult.

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