BMW and Ford invest in solid state battery tech

Solid-state battery firm Solid Power has announced a $130m investment led by BMW, Ford and Volta Energy Technologies to secure all solid-state batteries for future EVs.

The move will see an increase in material output and expansion of in-house production capabilities for future vehicle integration. The BMW Group and Ford aim to use the firm’s technology in forthcoming electric vehicles, according to the announcement.

The firm aims to produce and scale next-generation batteries designed to power longer range and lower cost vehicles using existing lithium-ion battery manufacturing infrastructure.

Speaking about the news, CEO and co-founder of Solid Power, Doug Campbell, said: “BMW and Ford now share leading positions in the race for all solid-state battery-powered electric vehicles.

“Solid Power now plans to begin producing automotive-scale batteries on the company’s pilot production line in early 2022 as a result of our partners’ continued commitment to Solid Power’s commercialisation efforts.”

Ted MIller, Ford’s manager of electrification subsystems and power supply research, said: “Solid-state battery technology is important to the future of electric vehicles, and that’s why we’re investing directly.

“By simplifying the design of solid-state versus lithium-ion batteries, we’ll be able to increase vehicle range, improve interior space and cargo volume, deliver lower costs and better value for customers and more efficiently integrate this kind of solid-state battery cell technology into existing lithium-ion cell production processes.”

“Being a leader in advanced battery technology is of the utmost importance for BMW. The development of all solid-state batteries is one of the most promising and important steps towards more efficient, sustainable, and safer electric vehicles. We now have taken our next step on this path with Solid Power,” said Frank Weber, Member of the Board of Management BMW AG, Development. “Together we have developed a 20 Ah all solid-state cell that is absolutely outstanding in this field. Over the past 10 years BMW has continuously increased the battery cell competence– important partners like Solid Power share our vision of a zero-emission mobility.”

Image courtesy of Solid Power

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