ENGIE bolsters EV charging provision in Farnham

The installation of a series of electric vehicle (EV) chargers in Farnham has been completed by ENGIE and Waverley Borough Council. 

The latest installation, powered by ENGIE’s GeniePoint network, sees three brand new EV charge points go live at Farnham’s Riverside Car Park 3 – a key location for those accessing a range of facilities and businesses. The new chargers comprise of one rapid charger and two fast chargepoints, offering EV drivers flexible charging options.

The scheme is part of Waverly Borough Council’s efforts to help Farnham become more environmentally friendly and improve its sustainability credentials. It follows on from the successful rollout of EV charging provisions in other public carparks.

Jerry Moloney, Managing Director for ENGIE’s Futures business, said: “We’re very pleased to be able to support Waverley Council in its ambition to become carbon-neutral by 2030. By improving EV infrastructure, we can support the council to combat the high levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) as a result of congestion in Farnham, after it was declared an Air Quality Management Area.

“Through the provision of publicly available chargers, local authorities can play a key role in supporting the uptake of electric vehicles by both individuals and businesses and will be instrumental in supporting the UK’s wider commitment to become net zero by 2050.”

Councilor Richard Homewood, Head of Environmental & Regulatory Services at Waverley Borough Council, added: “We hope that by increasing publicly-accessible electric vehicle charging points we can encourage wider adoption of electric vehicles in our towns, working towards improving both general air quality for residents and overall environmental credentials. This is just the first phase of our plan to help improve sustainability in Farnham, and we hope to be able roll out even greater provision for EV drivers in the town in the future.”

The GeniePoint Network chargers will provide 100% renewable energy.

Image: Shutterstock.

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