Options for smart charging considered in Energy UK report

A new report which assesses the future options for enabling electric vehicle (EV) owners to benefit from smart charging has been published by Energy UK.

The Future of Electric Vehicle Smart Charging report, which is backed by the ADE, BEAMA, the REA and techUK, assesses a variety of smart charging at home options and the important benefits and protections they will need to provide consumers and the energy system.

Smart charging will mean vehicles topping up their batteries automatically at times of lower demand – both reducing the costs for drivers and saving otherwise huge system costs by spreading the overall demand for electricity.           

While currently smart charging is mostly carried out by chargepoint operators (CPO), the Government has indicated its preference for using the smart meter network in future. However the report, having researched the views of organisations across the energy, automotive and CPO industries, relays a clear opposition to mandating the use of the smart meter network – while recognising that smart metering infrastructure will act as a ‘building block’ for many smart energy offerings. 

The report also provides recommendations to help Government speed up progress of this important work by developing policy and providing clarity so industry can deliver.

One particular area where this is sought is in finding alternatives for using the smart meter network. While the Government has asked industry to provide credible alternatives, the industry needs to know the requirements in greater detail, especially around cyber security, in order to design innovative new products. 

Emma Pinchbeck, Chief Executive of Energy UK, said: “Smart charging for EVs is an essential solution and we must get this right to meet our net zero ambitions and decarbonise the transport sector. Without it we will have to invest far more in new generation assets and networks. It’s clear from our research that there are a range of smart charging at home options that are secure, that unlock innovation and that deliver for customers. Industries in the EV market need Government to listen to their concerns and recommendations, and to clearly lay out their smart charging system requirements so we can build and deliver it.”

Image: Shutterstock.

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