Energy Systems Catapult maps out EV landscape

Energy Systems Catapult has mapped out the UK’s Electric Vehicle Energy Landscape and identified more than 300 companies which form part of it.

Produced as part of the Innovating for Clean Air (IfCA) project, the group’s landscape maps the EV supply chain, from distribution and transmission to consumers.

Subsectors mapped include:

  • Distribution and transmission
  • Infrastructure
  • Energy suppliers
  • Charging
  • Electric vehicles
  • Smart mobility
  • Consumers
  • Trade & industry groups.

According to the Catapult, transforming the energy system to be clean, secure and affordable, requires optimising solutions and innovations from a range of previously separate systems including power, heat, transport, and across the physical, digital and market systems.

In optimising the transport system, the challenge is understanding how technology, market and policy solutions contribute to the delivery of a clean, secure and affordable energy system, and understanding the infrastructure changes required to manage the rise in EV technologies and their increasing use.

This growth in the transport sector has seen a number of entrants into the arena, many of who are driving new innovations through to commercial reality.

Energy Systems Catapult want to bring innovative companies together – to identify gaps in the market and synergies in their offerings – to deliver the integrated solutions that will benefit consumers.

In a statement, the organisation said: “As a result we need clear visibility of the companies that are innovating in this space and the types of innovations that are emerging – so policy-makers, regulators, investors, and indeed innovators themselves, can remove barriers to energy system integration and drive the scale-up that will enable the UK to lead the world in energy system transformation.

“We encourage collaboration between organisations to identify opportunities for working together to develop integrated solutions with other UK companies, and our energy landscapes help make this happen.”

A further update of the landscape will be provided on 30 July 2021.

Anyone wishing to view or download the landscape is encouraged to head over to the Catapult’s Energy Launchpad, a dedicated membership portal for innovators and investors actively working to transform the UK energy system. Registration is free.

Image: Shutterstock.

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