Transport + Energy highlighted on EV Café show

The owner of took part in the latest EV Café show where he was invited to speak about the brand and highlighted the importance of both sectors working together.

The EV Café is all about sharing experiences on zero emission mobility by connecting the sector with industry experts and leaders from around the globe. It is also a place for Evangelists to meet up and discuss everything EV! A regular two-hour virtual breakout session takes place every three weeks, covering a wide range of topics across the whole mobility value chain.

Alec was invited on to the latest show which featured Lorna McAtear from National Grid, Kate Tyrrell from myenergi, Tim Campbell from Campbells Consultancy and Pivot Power’s Millie Pardoe.

Transport and Energy owner Alec Peachey outlined why both the transport and energy sectors can no longer afford to work in silos. He also talked about the reasons for launching the brand and why collaboration will be key to driving forward the acceleration of decarbonised transport. 

Designed specifically to unite professionals across the sectors, Transport + Energy provides business-critical information and services to accelerate the decarbonisation of transport and energy. 

Scroll to 1:40:38 to listen to Alec’s short discussion with Paul Kirby, one of the EV Café presenters, below:

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