EO Charging powering up Amazon’s EV fleet

EO Charging has designed, manufactured and installed a network of electric charging stations to power Amazon’s growing fleet of electric vehicles in the UK.

So far, more than 800 chargers have been installed at UK Amazon sites, and according to the online retail giant “hundreds more will follow”.

The company provides charging hardware, software and operational support to Amazon. Not only have they helped install physical charging stations at Amazon’s logistics sites in the UK, but they are also providing software and maintenance services for the whole Amazon electric fleet in Europe.

This will support the addition of over 1,800 Mercedes-Benz zero-emission electric vehicles to Amazon’s fleet in Europe, including over 500 e-vans for its delivery service providers and their drivers to deliver orders to customers in the UK.

Charlie Jardine (pictured), CEO and founder of EO, said: “For us, this collaboration has been an amazing opportunity. It has sustained our growth even during a pandemic, allowing us to continue hiring locally. But it will also offer us the chance to reinvest in our technology and continue innovating.”

EO is a leading developer of electric vehicle charge-points and charging software. Founded in 2015 by Charlie Jardine and originally operating out of a barn in Suffolk, the business has grown rapidly, distributed to over 30 countries around the world.

Image courtesy of EO Charging.

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