Huntingdonshire rolls-out charging

Huntingdonshire District Council has started a phased roll out of electric vehicle charging points in its towns, with the first point going live in Huntingdon.

The move has been made following a consultation last year, where 400 residents said that one of the main barriers to buying an electric car was the availability of charging points,

A mixture of 3kW and 7kW power charging points will be available in both short and long stay car parks run by the council in a total of 13 locations, with 5 of these being installed as part of phase one by the end of May 2021. Once the EV charging points have been installed, the council will promote an app for customers to download.

The district council wants to support environmentally friendly EV infrastructure and create sustainable towns in Huntingdonshire, with the electricity supply in the car parks being 100% renewable.

Once installation of the initial project is complete, the council said it will evaluate the usage of the charging points to inform future works, alongside further public consultation.

Executive Councillor for Operations and Environment, Cllr Marge Beuttell said: “We have listened to the feedback of our residents to deliver these facilities and in a way that can be adapted in the future, given the fast moving nature of electric vehicle charging technology. This is just the start of a programme of work to deliver the infrastructure that supports electric vehicle charging in Huntingdonshire.”

image courtesy of Huntingdonshire District Council

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