Loop teams up with BayoTech on hydrogen roll-out

Canadian fuel cell system firm Loop Energy has teamed up with hydrogen company BayoTech on a partnership to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure.

The collaboration aims at reducing the complexity of adopting hydrogen electric solutions by providing fleet operators with clear and actionable strategic direction in respect to fuel cell powered vehicles and hydrogen fuel infrastructure.

Under the agreement, Loop and BayoTech will collaborate on development of market opportunities for deployment of vehicles manufactured by Loop’s OEM customers in combination with on-site hydrogen generation infrastructure provided by BayoTech.

The initial scope of such market development activities will focus on materials handling, warehouse and port logistics with the aim of a full hydrogen ecosystem created for customers in the future.

The agreement further supports BayoTech’s objective of offering fleet operators a clear path to market leading cost of ownership based on the company’s on-site hydrogen production solution, fuel efficiency and performance of the vehicles powered by Loop’s eFlow technology.

BayoTech, headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is an energy solutions company committed to addressing the global need for hydrogen through modular, scalable, and deployable hydrogen production systems.

Speaking about the joint-working arrangement, Stewart Stewart, chief commercial officer at BayoTech, said: “Fleet operators are facing increased pressure to transition to zero-emissions and our partnership with Loop Energy creates an ecosystem that removes many of the barriers to adoption of hydrogen fuel cells as a solution.

“Both Loop and BayoTech are focused on enabling the lowest cost of ownership solutions to the fleet operator customers. We look forward to building on the foundation of this important strategic partnership as we continue to work together towards mass-market adoption of hydrogen fuel cell technologies.”

George Rubin, chief commercial officer of Loop Energy, said: “We believe that hydrogen vehicle cost of ownership and easy, economical access to the hydrogen fuel are closely intertwined and are both critical to successful project development.

“Our collaboration with BayoTech widens the hydrogen ecosystem, supports our OEM customers in market and sales channel development process, and helps bring down the barriers and the cost of adoption of hydrogen electric solutions by commercial vehicle operators. This is yet another progressive chapter in the global acceleration of hydrogen adoption.”

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