Future transport trial to shift to low-emission alternatives

A two-year trial will take place at the University of Warwick looking at reducing personal car use and increasing access to other electric and low-emission alternatives.

The project, part of the Future Transport Showcase with Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) and the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), will see e-scooters, bus services “on demand”, and vehicle rentals from the Enterprise Car Club offered to reduce private vehicle usage, cut carbon emissions and create a safer, more environmentally friendly university campus. 

The West Midlands’ £22 million Future Transport Zone was set up to showcase the latest technology and data to design and develop accessible and connected transport alternatives that are faster, cleaner and greener, contributing to achieving the #WM2041 ambition to reduce the region’s carbon footprint.

Throughout the two-year trial, participants will be encouraged to change their transport choices and incentives offered for people who choose greener travel as part of the “choose your way Warwick” campaign hosted on the Betterpoints App.

Projects include using Voi e-scooters across campus and a wider area from March 2021; membership of Enterprise Car Club with access to two low emission Hyundai Ioniq cars, for use by staff, students and the local community; a demand responsive bus service to encourage the use of public transport by being able to order a bus in a similar way to a taxi.

Following the two-year trial, the mobility showcase results will help to find the best solutions that work for our residents in reducing their carbon footprint and help them make more informed and environmentally friendly transport choices while contributing towards achieving the region’s net zero-carbon ambitions.

Mayor of the West Midlands Andy Street said: “From the outset of the industrial revolution, the West Midlands has always been a hub of innovation and we are still leading the way with the development of green battery technology, new low-carbon housing, 5G digital connectivity, autonomous vehicles and the transport systems of the future.

“The Future Transport Showcase at the University of Warwick will offer students and staff more flexibility, choice, and greener travel solutions for the region, at a time when we are facing a climate emergency and urging people to leave the car at home.

“And this trial will show what works as we develop transport policies to address the climate emergency we all face.”

Parvez Islam, director of transport and mobility for the University of Warwick, said: “Ever since the University of Warwick was established, we’ve been a place where the future lands early. We’re proud to, again, be pointing the way with the Future Transport Zone trial on our campus. Our scheme with Transport for West Midlands is an important signal that we are committed to exploring new and better ways of living, studying and working on our campus, by designing solutions with our campus community.

“This scheme gives our staff, students and communities an opportunity to experience the future of sustainable transport and mobility and to play a part in building a shared understanding of how new concepts, modes, technologies and approaches can help shape behaviours and make a better world.”

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