TTF conference sessions available to watch on-demand

All the sessions from last week’s Transport Technology Forum conference are now available to watch on-demand.

The event, which was held over three days, was specifically designed to be available either live with interaction or recorded for people to watch the sessions they want, when they want.

“We spent quite a long time thinking about how people are consuming content in the virtual event world and were keen to avoid webinar fatigue,” explained TTF Chair Steve Gooding of the RAC Foundation. “What we decided to do is still try to capture a huge amount of great content about everything from procurement to future traffic patterns and present it in on-demand ‘bite-sized’ chunks, that could be viewed live or accessed later, but in each case allowing busy people to find and watch the content specifically relevant to their interests.”

Despite planning the event with on-demand viewing in mind, the TTF enjoyed greater live participation than it expected.  241 different people took part in the sessions, averaging around three sessions each. In comparison, last year’s physical event in Bristol attracted 120 people.

“Obviously we’d have loved to meet in person,” added TTF Manager Darren Capes of the Department for Transport, “but this event was the next best thing and allowed us to share a huge amount of knowledge to a wide range of industry professionals. Over the past year it has become clear that local authorities will need to change the way they deliver transport in the short, medium and long terms and our content helps set out and explain some of the tools available to do that. I hope this is a resource people will come back to again and again, and suggests to me that, while having a physical event when we can is best for networking, any future in-person conferences we run should also have online and on-demand elements as well.”

You can watch the TTF sessions on TTF’s YouTube channel available here.

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