EV transition planning solution launched

Fleet management tech firm Drive Software Solutions has partnered with Masternaut to launch an EV transition planning solution.

The solution, which will use real fleet trip data and insight, aims to enable businesses and their leasing brokers to accelerate the transition to greener fleets.

It will analyse which vehicles to transition to EV, when to transition, and the best available EV models – based on individual business operations.

Rather than using generic range data, the solution will assess route planning and driver behaviour to recommend an optimal transition plan for firms.

Elements of the solution include a two-month analysis of fleet data using plug-in telematics, EV comparison insights, charge-point planning and CO2 tracking, and the ability for firms to continue to view and manage their vehicles, enabling better performance and reporting on consumption.

Robert Gorby, chief commercial officer for DRIVE Software Solutions, said: “Businesses have been telling us that they need to prevent range anxiety amongst their drivers, get a better understanding of real EV performance and be able to see everything in one place.

“This partnership and proposition delivers on all counts and we are looking forward to enabling the industry to accelerate the transition to greener fleets”.

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