York partners with Evo on ‘hyper hub’ sites

City of York Council has begun partnership with Evo Energy to construct the largest so-called “HyperHub” sites in the region, it has claimed.

The council has invested £2.2m to develop two sites into high speed electric vehicle charging hubs with each consisting of solar PV canopies, battery energy storage, four rapid and four ultra-rapid EV chargers.

The chargers will help the region to support the next generation of electric vehicles which have larger battery capacities and support higher charging speeds, the council said.

Construction on both sites has started and will be led by EvoEnergy. The new sites are scheduled for completion in June 2021.

City of York Council has already provided a range of public charging facilities for electric vehicles, and is also generating low carbon electricity on site through PV arrays. All of the electricity supplied from the grid will be generated by renewable sources, providing users with low carbon electricity and ensuring that no NOx emissions are emitted from electricity generation.

The council has successfully secured £1m of European Regional Development Funding and £800,000 from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, along with £400,000 of the council’s own capital funding to install the two hubs.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne, executive member for transport at City of York Council, said: “The project works alongside our Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy, which will provide a high quality charging network that meets the needs of residents, fleets, and through traffic.

“To guarantee the best result for residents, we plan to continue to own our charging network. This allows us to plan how the network will grow, set tariffs, makes us directly accountable and enables us to deliver next generation chargers as quickly as possible.”

  • image courtesy of City of York Council

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