Royal Mail adds emissions-efficiency tech to vans

Technology to reduce emissions and improve road safety has been added to Royal Mail small vans.

The telemetry technology has been added by the logistics firm to an additional 11,000 small vans to encourage more fuel-efficient driving styles across the UK.

The latest expansion will be using the Trimble Telemetry system, and will be completed later this year. It will mean the majority of the Royal Mail fleet will be fitted with the technology aimed at further reducing its carbon emissions. Additionally, all future Royal Mail collection and delivery vans will contain telemetry technology.

Telemetry systems encourage more fuel-efficient and safer driving styles by monitoring the driver’s acceleration, speed, turning and braking patterns, and giving feedback. Harsh braking and acceleration wears tyres quicker and generally produces higher emissions.

In the Trimble telemetry system, real-time feedback is provided to the driver. This information is used to compile regular reports, which create tailored coaching for drivers in each Royal Mail Delivery Office involved.

Since 2019, the system has saved the Company approximately 177,000 litres of fuel within its small vehicle fleet, leading to a reduction of 459 tonnes of CO2e. 

The expansion of telemetry capabilities, alongside various recently announced low-emission vehicle trials is designed to help the company inform its long-term environmental strategy, and to meet its goals of delivering a cleaner future.

James Baker, chief engineer and fleet director at Royal Mail, said: “As a Company, we are committed to making changes to our operations that reduce our environmental impact. The wide-scale expansion of telemetry in our fleet enables us to ensure our drivers are given positive feedback and training on how to drive in the safest and most environmentally-conscious way possible, while allowing us to continue to deliver letters and parcels safely, efficiently and responsibly.”

Rob Painter, Trimble President and CEO said: “Sustainability is one of the defining issues of our generation. By expanding the use of Trimble’s integrated fleet, driver and mapping solutions across its fleet, Royal Mail will have the real-time telemetry tools needed to reach its long-term operational sustainability goals. Trimble is excited to be part of Royal Mail’s journey to help reduce its environmental impact while delivering first-rate service.”

  • image from press release

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