Eurovia (UK) to provide wireless charging solutions to UK cities

Highway contractor Eurovia UK has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Momentum Dynamics Corporation, a leading provider of wireless charging for electric vehicles, meaning the two companies will collaborate to develop wireless EV charging solutions for UK cities and fleets. reports that the MOU heralds the beginning of a long-term partnership that will deliver a cable-free solution to the UK’s electric vehicle charging network. Wireless charging for electric vehicles allows practically invisible charging during regular operation. 

The system is automatic and dispenses with the need for visually-detracting cabling. While in-service, such as during the loading of passengers, an equipped vehicle parks over charging pads that are sunk into or on the roadway. The vehicle then receives incremental charging of a few minutes or longer before resuming duties. The charging is automatic and requires no operation by the driver. Charging ends as the vehicle departs from the pad. 

The Momentum Dynamics wireless system can provide energy to vehicles from 25-450 kW. The system can be used on all types of electric vehicles, from cars and buses to drayage and depot haulers and class 8 trucks/HGVs. The system is modular in design and is therefore easily scalable, works in all weathers and is unaffected by rain, ice or snow.

Full story here.

Image courtesy of Eurovia.

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