Fully-electric trucks for Brazil brewing fleet

Danfoss Editron will power fully-electric trucks for one of Brazil’s largest fleets, after brewing company Ambev partnered with Brazilian manufacturer Fábrica Nacional de Mobilidades (FNM).

By the end of 2021, Ambev expects to add 1000 FNM fully-electric trucks to its fleet. Ambev and its parent company InBev have wide-ranging sustainability plans, including cleaning up their respective supply chains and delivery fleets.

Ambev has stated that it wants at least half of its 7000-strong fleet, which distribute beer and other beverages across South America’s largest economy, to operate on clean energy by 2023.

To help achieve this aim, it has agreed to purchase 1000 of FNM’s fully-electric FNM 833 18-ton truck model specifically designed for commercial fleets.

In late 2020, FNM selected Danfoss Editron’s drivetrain systems to power the FNM 833. The systems feature a 250kW motor with an Eaton multi-speed transmission, an Octillion Power Systems 650-volt battery, and 355 horsepower. They are also fitted with a digital AVIONICS controller and inverter to enable the intelligent management of all the vehicle’s operations. Weighing only 85kg, Danfoss Editron’s drivetrain systems are significantly more lightweight than other electric engines on the market, which can weigh as much as 500kg.

Pre-series vehicles have already entered into operation, making deliveries in Rio of Janeiro. Each of the FNM 833 electric trucks will represent a reduction of 126 tonnes of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere annually.

Rodrigo Figueiredo, Ambev’s Vice-President of Sustainability and Procurement, commented: “It is the result of a number of collaborations and partnerships, including the supplier agreements with Danfoss Editron and Octillion Power Systems. The FNM 833 fully-electric truck features state-of-the-art technology and we fully recommend it to other companies looking to electrify their fleets.”

Ricardo Machado, CEO of Obvio ! + FNM, added: “In order to deliver this service, we prepared a preliminary study to define the needs of Ambev, always allying performance for better productivity with reduced costs. The FNM trucks are 100% connected to Ambev’s IT systems, which deliver full control for the company’s monitoring area and real-time information on traffic and routes. The vehicles are also equipped with new technologies that are focused on safety, including anti-collision systems with artificial intelligence and integrated cameras.”

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