5 minute charge could revolutionise EV sector

One of the biggest barriers to the transition to EVs – a super-fast charging battery – looks to have been overcome by an Israeli technology firm, StoreDot.

The extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology firm has announced today (19 January) that it is making available samples of a first-generation 5-minute charge battery.

The move is a significant milestone for the sector, eliminating both range and charging anxiety. Critically, the firm also claims commercial viability for XFC technology for the first time through a small form-factor battery cell. Samples have been produced by EVE Energy in China with the tech not requiring additional manufacturing equipment and can be produced on existing Li-ion lines and safety standards.

StoreDot now plans to showcase the tech to potential EV and industry partners. The first-generation engineering samples demonstrate to EV OEMs and battery manufacturers the replacement of graphite in the cell’s anode using metalloid nano-particles – a breakthrough in overcoming issues in safety, battery cycle life and swelling, it claimed.

Dr. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot, said about the news: “Our team of top scientists has overcome inherent challenges of XFC such as safety, cycle life and swelling by harnessing innovative materials and cell design.

“Today’s announcement marks an important milestone, moving XFC for the first time beyond innovation in the lab to a commercially-viable product that is scalable for mass production. This paves the way for the launch of our second-generation, silicon-dominant anode prototype battery for electric vehicles later this year.”

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