AFC Energy partners with Ricardo

Energy firm AFC Energy has partnered with global engineering company Ricardo on solutions for the transport and energy sectors.

The agreement provides a framework for the two companies to jointly explore and engineer zero greenhouse emission products with a focus on transportation and stationary power generation.

It will also allow AFC Energy to grow the number of products that use its fuel cell and provide technical and commercial viability in the growing global market for hydrogen fuelled power and propulsion systems.

The three key areas of initial market focus include maritime, rail and stationary power.  The partnership will consider the benefits achieved through the use of low cost, readily available, and high energy dense green ammonia fuel as a fuel of choice in off-grid or remote power needs, including international shipping and distributed power generation. 

Both firms have sent joint proposals to Ricardo clients on the need for zero emission alternative power and grid instability issues.

Speaking about the deal, Adam Bond, chief executive officer at AFC Energy, said: “The role for AFC Energy’s alkaline fuel cell in supporting the decarbonisation of e-mobility and off-grid power systems through the use of zero emission fuels such as green ammonia is becoming ever clearer and relevant. 

Mike Bell, group strategy and transformation director at Ricardo, added:  “We also recognise AFC Energy’s specialist expertise in alkaline fuel cell technology, which has highlighted the potential for low cost, high efficiency alkaline systems in off-grid and remote power environments.”

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