CES 2021: German solar car tech to be licensed

Technology developed by Sono Motors for its solar electric vehicle will be licensed to other companies, the firm said at technology show CES 2021.

Partnering with autonomous vehicle start-up EasyMile, the German firm plans to license its solar body panel technology. EasyMile, which provides shuttle buses, will be the first company to integrate such panels into its vehicles.

The move follows the creation of Sono Motors electric Sion vehicle, which has the entire exterior skin made up of solar panels integrated into the body. The cells create energy from sunlight, which is then stored in the vehicle’s battery, and add a potential 22 miles of range to the car, dependant on weather conditions.

Although not designed to replace electric charging infrastructure, the panels increase range and potentially extend re-charges from once a week to once every four weeks, based on a standard daily commute in Germany of 10 miles.

At CES, the firm also showcased a special truck trailer fitted with solar panels that it said has “massive potential”.

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