CES 2021: Here Technologies launches EV routing feature

Technology firm Here Technologies has launched a new feature for private and commercial vehicle routing to reduce the number of charge stops.

The EV routing tool, which aims to reduce battery charge times based on a vehicle’s consumption model, takes into account topography, road geometry, real-time traffic data and patterns while planning trips.

The system can be synced to the consumption model of a vehicle and adjusted to different driving styles, loads and even weather conditions.

The software is a feature of a routing API built on top of its mapping product, and is included in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. It also uses Here charge points database and availability as part of its overall system.

Speaking about the new product, Jussi Koski, VP of product management at Here technologies, said: “EV Routing does more than show you the way to a charging station. It provides the most optimal route, including charging times, while taking into account static and dynamic data such as charging speed or real time traffic conditions.

“Not only is EV Routing based on a wide range of parameters, it can also be customized. With EV Routing, Here goes beyond removing range anxiety and makes EV driving a truly personalized experience.”

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