Norway EV installation milestone shows the way forward for UK

The installation of the 1,000 ABB fast charger in Norway represents a key milestone for the country in its ambitious journey towards achieving a zero emission economy.

The move saw a rapid charger installed in the town of Bergen with the high-power charger, the Terra HP, capable of delivering 200km (124 miles) of range in eight minutes.

The roll-out of the EV charging network – and acceleration of EV vehicle sales – has seen every other new car sold in Norway being pure EV. Since the country’s energy mix is around 98 per cent renewable, largely from hydro power, the reduction in CO2 emissions from the current EVs equates to around 600,000 tons per year.

The sharp increase in EV ownership and use has encouraged the rapid evolution of conventional petrol and diesel filling stations. Many of such facilities now offer EV charging and at busy stations every third car ‘filled’ is now electric.

Speaking about the move, ABB head of global business, Frank Muehlon, said the news illustrated how the country could provide a ‘blueprint’ for other nations to follow suit.

He said: “Norway has pioneered the early adoption of EVs and green public transport networks and we are confident that other European countries will see this as a positive blueprint for sustainable infrastructure.”

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