E.ON and Graft develop fast-charging station design

Working on behalf of E.ON Drive, design firm Graft has developed a prototype of an ultra-fast charging station.

The design has been developed to allow for a system of extendable modules which can be adapted to future requirements.

It aims for a high-quality environment for customers and suppliers with a range of additional services not commonly associated with traditional petrol and diesel filling stations.

Lighting has been integrated into the frame of the structure and automatically activates when a charging ‘zone’ is occupied – created a clearly specified, safe and comfortable charge for customers.

The design firm said the frames could be configured in different ways, such as with or without greenery, and a glass roof with PV panels, which can supply energy for the ‘lounge’ and media technology at the station.

Slats beneath the roof act as filters, modulating and channelling sunlight into the charging bay area.

Based on two basic modules, the system is able to cater to a wide variety of charging and parking situations. The smaller of the two modules, which can be combined, has a rectangular footprint of around 3.5m × 5m. It was developed for use in existing car parks and service areas. The larger modules are designed as drive-through solutions equipped with four to eight charging points. In the future, the modular concept can be extended to create XL hubs of varying sizes with additional amenities such as shops, food provision, leisure, spas, fitness and entertainment.

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