Britishvolt plans global HQ in West Midlands

Battery technology firm Britishvolt has announced plans to site its global headquarters in the West Midlands.

The new facility will be in the traditional heat of the country’s vehicle manufacturing industry and aims to complement these sites with the development of battery technologies for EVs.

The company have made the move following the UK Government’s announcement to ban all petrol and diesel vehicle production by 2030.

The new 5000 square metre facility is set to be fully operational by 2022. It will be sited at the MIRA Technology Park Campus near Coventry, which is were the company’s current leadership team works.

Further developments are also being considered which would see the company expand the site, opening the opportunity to bring skilled and specialist jobs to the area, it said.

Speaking about the announcement, Britishvolt CEO Orral Nadjari said it was a ‘crucial step for the firm’

He said: “The battery industry is constantly evolving and it’s important that we stay ahead to position the UK at the forefront of the global battery industry. With further development being planned it is in the right place to take advantage of world-class talent.

“We intend to produce world-class batteries, which are strategically important both for the future of the UK automotive industry and the future strength of the entire UK economy. We are hoping to start working closely with local government to help make our additional plans for future development a certainty.”

MIRA Technology Park Managing Director, Tim Nathan, said: “It joins a large number of companies dedicated to the UK being at the forefront of automotive innovation. Britishvolt’s mission to develop and produce world-class lithium-ion batteries is crucial to the future of the UK automotive industry as we rapidly progress to an electrified future.”

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