Kia teams up with BP Chargemaster

Kia Motors has appointed BP Chargemaster to provide charging points and public charging network access to its electric car customers.

Kia Motors has partnered with BP Chargemaster to offer charging points and public charging network access to its customers.

The two year deal will see BP Chargemaster supply and install units at customers’ homes alongside commercial charging points at Kia dealerships to support sales and servicing.

Additionally, the new electric car customers who have ordered their unit through Kia’s dealer network can receive two years’ free membership of the UK’s largest public charging network – Polar – enabling them to benefit from low tariffs.

The energy company’s units – dubbed Smart Homecharge – use an app and allow customers to charge at home with the ability to schedule charging times to take advantage of energy tariffs and fit charging around their own routines.

Intelligent commercial charge points can also be fully integrated within the same operating platform as the Polar network, allowing Kia dealerships the same access method on the charging points in their sales and servicing areas as they do for public charging.

Matteo de Renzi, CEO of BP Chargemaster said: “We are really pleased to be supporting Kia’s electric car customers in the UK for their home and public charging needs, as well as enabling their dealers to charge vehicles conveniently at their sites.

“Drivers of Kia electric cars like the e-Niro will be able to rely on bp Chargemaster to get them charged at home and on the go, including on the UK’s largest public network of ultra-fast chargers. More than 50 ultra-fast chargers are already live at bp retail sites and we will see at least 200 more by the end of next year, all over the country.”

David Hilbert, Marketing Director at Kia Motors said: “At Kia we want to ensure that our customers have the best charging solutions that suit them to ensure that they can make the best of their vehicles – whether they are fully electric or plug-in hybrid models. With bp Chargemaster and Polar having the biggest public charging network across the UK, the decision to partner with them was easy and one that our customers and our dealers will benefit from.”

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