London and south east benefit most from charge points

New analysis has claimed that London and the south east of England have benefited “disproportionately” from new charge points installations.

The research, undertaken by The Guardian, discovered that 45% of new charger capacity in 2020 until October was in London and the south east. This was against a 27% share of the population.

The analysis of the data, taken from Zap Map and provided by the Department for Transport, revealed every other UK region received a lower proportion of charge points for its population.

It revealed a total of 63 electric vehicle charge points per 100,000 people in London. This figure is double the UK average. The lowest number per 100,000 is in Northern Ireland, where it is 16.8.

The news follows the number of publicly accessible charge points hitting 20,000 in the UK in October. But there are still almost 50 councils with less than 10 chargers per 100,000 residents.

It also follows Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing a 2030 ICE vehicle sales ban, which will require an even faster acceleration of the charging network.

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