Eastleigh install new charge points

Eastleigh Borough Council is due to install eight new electric charging points across four of its car parks.

The sites will be equipped with one new rapid charger (50kW) and one fast charger (7kW) each. Charge time depends on the vehicle type, but it will take around 30 minutes to take a battery from empty to 80%.

Charge times will be even lower at one leisure centre site, where a new ultra-rapid charger (150kw) has been installed, one of only a handful in the south of England at present, which will be installed alongside a fast charger. 

The new charging points, which will be installed next February, are part of the Council’s Climate and Environmental Emergency Action Plan and its goal to support the Borough to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.  

Electric cars have no exhaust emissions and so do not contribute to local air pollution that can damage the environment and cause health issues for the local people.  

Cabinet Lead for Environment, Cllr Rupert Kyrle said: “With the recent government announcement on phasing out the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, more and more residents will be making the switch to electric vehicles. That will require a network of charging points spanning car parks, the roads and homes.  

“We hope these new charging points in our car parks will help to drive forward the transition to electric vehicles, and all the benefits that provides for people and our planet.” 

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