“Air BnB of charging” launched by Co Charger

Charging firm Co Charger has launched a new platform to enable those with points to share them with neighbours that don’t have charging facilities.

The cost of charging can be prohibitive to purchasing EVs, according to Co Charger, and the company hopes the move will make the most of the existing network and allow those buying EVs to use facilities instantly in their neighbourhoods.

The Co Charger app connects charging hosts with potential chargees. It is available for both iOS and Android, free to download and there is no subscription service. A host can be any motorist or organisation with a charger and it enables them to manage bookings and set prices through the app service.

Potential users can browse charge points in their locality and see the differing rates for usage from each host. The firm said hosts will need to present how the system works on the initial charging session with a purchaser – but can then allow the service to be used independently.

Co Charger is also collaborating with other organisations and businesses, including councils and vehicle manufacturers to raise awareness of community charging, and help accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles.

Joel Teague, CEO of Co Charger said: “It’s a simple, community-based solution to the biggest barrier facing the adoption of electric vehicles: how to be an electric vehicle owner if you cannot charge at home.

“Millions of people want to ditch their fossil fuel vehicles in favour of electric ones but won’t until they have the convenience, affordability and reliability of home charging. Co Charger gives those people the confidence to switch by making it easy for a neighbour with a charger to make it available to them – cheaply and dependably.

“It limits the need for the disruption and expense of public charger installation and provides the closest experience possible to home charging for its Chargees.”

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