Sales of e-scooters rise 450% as trials continue

High street firm Halfords has said sales of e-scooters has exploded since trials of the technology have begun across the UK.

Technology currently being trialled across UK cities and regions could see e-scooters legalised if pilot schemes prove successful and safety concerns are met.

Government legislation came into force in July to trial the technology across the Midlands and other regions. In the previous three week period, Halfords has reported a spike of 450% in sales of e-scooters. Prior to last month, in the 20 weeks to the end of August, e-scooter sales also increased by 230%.

The news comes alongside a YouGov survey that discovered 55% of the UK thought e-scooters would help the environment and 53% believed such technology would ease congestion in urban areas.

Parliament’s transport committee has already called on e-scooters to be legalised and to be used for last mile journeys in city centre locations to reduce car journeys and air pollution.

The committee has also called for e-scooters to be banned on pavements, and to allow councils to set speed limits as well as to repeal the need for driving licences for owners.

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