New battery tech could charge EVs in 6 minutes

South Korean scientists have discovered a method which could mean that EV batteries charge within 6 minutes to 90% capacity.

Professor Byoungwoo Kany and Dr Minkyung Kim from Pohang University of Science and Technology, alongside Professor Won-Sub Yoon of Sungkyunkwan University made the discovery.

The research team confirmed if an intermediate phase in the phase transition is formed during the charging and discharging, high power can be generated without losing high energy density or reducing the particle size through rapid charging and discharging.

As a result, this would enable the development of long-lasting Lithium Ion batteries that are bought to market.

As a result of the new method, the battery electrodes that were synthesised by the research team were charged to 90% capacity in six minutes and discharged 54% in just 18 seconds.

Highlighting the work in a paper for the science journal Energy and Environmental Science, Professor Kang, said: “This research has laid the foundation for developing Li-ion batteries that can achieve quick charging and discharging speed, high energy density, and prolonged performance.”

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