Wireless electric road trial in Israel

A local authority in Israel is working with wireless charging firm ElectReon and Dan bus company on a pilot scheme.

The project will see a wireless electric road installed in Tel Aviv and will be placed between the Tel Aviv University Railway Station and Klatzkin Terminal in Ramat Aviv with 600m of electric wireless road.

As part of the scheme, electric buses will be fitted with technology to charge directly from the under-road infrastructure with regular journeys served on the route within two months of construction.

The move forms part of the local authority’s plans for energy independent public transportation with plans to roll out the scheme at a wider level across the city. It hopes to be able to scale up such schemes for other vehicles including distribution trucks, private and autonomous vehicles.

Meital Lehavi, deputy mayor for Transportation at Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, said: “Transforming a road into an electrified surface and a means for charging, through advanced and effective infrastructure, will enable the acceleration of the transition to electric buses. Relying on direct charging of vehicles from the road itself will remove the need to establish charging stations or be operationally bound to terminals.

“Electric transportation will assist municipal efforts to reduce air pollution and noise, and assist the transition to green modes of transport, which will contribute to improving the quality of life and the environment for residents and visitors to the city.”

Oren Ezer, ElectReon CEO and founding partner, said: “This is a very important step in the implementation of electric road technology, and we are delighted that the first electrified public route is being established in Tel Aviv – a global leader in the field of innovation and smart transportation.”

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