EV price comparison website launched

Called Rightcharge, the website aims to allow users to compare electric car energy tariffs, home charging units and charger installation providers.

The site claims that it will allow savings of up to £230 a year and that at present many EV users are missing out on tariffs and incentives which could reduce bills significantly.

As a result it hopes the website could allow drivers to choose the most suitable tariffs and chargers, and the companies which are best to install them for their situations. The site claims only 20% of customers are on EV focused tariffs.

Rightcharge is partnering with a number of leasing companies and car dealerships across the UK to help those buying a new EV compare their home charging options too.

Charlie Cook, founder and CEO of Rightcharge, said: “The explosion of EV ownership means there is more choice than ever of cars, chargers and energy tariffs. However, without easy to compare information, drivers are still in the dark about what options work best for them to get the best deal.

“Our free online tool is the only service on the market that solves this for drivers, providing easy to understand and impartial advice that’s tailored to every customer.”

“Our relationships with charge point providers and hand-picked installers mean we can give customers the best possible experience and price. Dealerships and leasing companies are experts in educating consumers about the benefits of EVs, but by partnering with Rightcharge, they also have instant access to the UK’s only all-in-one comparison service for home charging.”

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