Octopus to offer V2G package to customers

A pilot scheme has been put in place by Octopus Energy to offer customers a trial in its Powerloop V2G leasing bundle.

The scheme offers customers the opportunity to lease an electric vehicle at a reduce price in order to trial the technology. It will see them use V2G technology to use their vehicle as a battery pack to power the grid with a Wallbox Quasar Charger.

As part of the trial, customers will get a lease on a Nissan Leaf, an EV charger and £30 off their energy bills each month. The hope is customers will be able to power their homes ‘off grid’ during times of high demand. It claims 10 Leafs could produce enough to power 1,000 homes for an hour.

The scheme will run until March 2021 across the south east. Customers will need to complete twelve cycles a month from 6pm to 5am in order to qualify for the V2G trial’s £30 bill reduction. An app will allow homeowners to control their charging schedule.

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