Octopus Energy partners with VW

Energy firm Octopus has partnered with Volkswagen on a deal to ‘fast-track’ the adoption of electric vehicles in the UK.

The deal will see Octopus deliver 100% renewable energy to VW customers that have purchased an electric vehicle with credit up to £90.

It is hoped the deal will incentivise people to purchase electric vehicles and make them increasingly attractive for purchase among British consumers.

The UK has ambitious plans to decarbonised and electrify its transport sector with plans to stop the sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 – and possibly as early as 2030.

Speaking about the deal, CEO of Octopus Energy, Greg Jackson, said: “Tackling climate change means focusing on the biggest polluters, so switching transportation from dirty fossil fuels to clean green power has to be top of the agenda.

“It’s super exciting to see the world’s largest car manufacturer fully commit to electric vehicles – the only way to decarbonise our roads and protect our planet. Our partnership with Volkswagen is an important step towards transitioning to a renewable energy future globally, and we can’t wait to get started.”

The deal has already commenced – on 18 September 2020 – and will include the Group’s other marques including Audi, SEAT, SKODA and Cupra across the autumn.

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