Beryl e-scooter trial in Norwich

A new trial of e-scooters is being planned in Norwich as part of a 12 month trial of the technology in the area.

The Norfolk County Council scheme has been agreed with the Department for Transport to explore the feasibility of e-scooters in the town. It follows several other pilots across the UK. Most recently a trial in Coventry was halted due to concern about speeds and riders not following the rules.

The Beryl trial in Norwich will see e-scooters hired through the firm’s mobile app and will include a requirement to provide a valid UK driving licence.

The e-scooters will be used on roads, cycle lanes, highways and other areas where cycling is also permitted in the city. Currently, e-scooters are illegal nationwide, and it is only through the designated DfT trials that they are allowed within schemes such as at Norwich.

CEO of Beryl, Philip Ellis, said there would be 100 e-scooters available for hire with an initial launch of 20 into the city.

He said the e-scooters were designed to be used in the same format as a bicycle and should be ridden on the same surfaces and highways, so shouldn’t be used on the pavement or dual carriageways.

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